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This video is intended for use by those who administer collection sites and by those who evaluate collection activities on behalf of transportation employers.  It provides viewers an opportunity to learn the steps necessary to have collectors conduct mock urine collections. Collection site supervisors and administrators will have an additional tool to help them learn if their collectors are appropriately following the DOT collection requirements and to take appropriate measures to correct identified concerns.

By having your collectors conduct mock collections, you will be able to determine if the collector properly completes the collection steps, maintains integrity and security at the collection, site and correctly completes the custody and control form.  At the same time, this video is intended to provide you with more insight and specific information that you will be able to provide the collector and collection site on conducting a proper collection. 

For a number of years, and with success, the video has been used by DOT Agency and United States Coast Guard inspectors and auditors. We would urge its use by anyone responsible for ensuring that collectors are adhering to DOT collection procedures – to  include Consortia/Third-Party Administrators, collection site administrators, and employers.

This video is a companion to the DOT’s 10 Steps to Collection Site Security and Integrity Video.

Note: You will need Adobe Flash Player to view the video. To get Adobe Flash player, download at Adobe.

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