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Approved Evidential Breath Measurement Devices


Evidential Breath Testing (EBT) devices on this page are the only devices you may use to conduct alcohol confirmation tests under 49 CFR Part 40.  These EBTs may also be used to conduct alcohol screening tests under Part 40.

To conduct a confirmation test, you must use an EBT that has the following capabilities:

  1. Provides a printed triplicate result (or three consecutive identical copies of a result) of each breath test;
  2. Assigns a unique number to each completed test, which the BAT and employee can read before each test and which is printed on each copy of the result;
  3. Prints, on each copy of the result, the manufacturer's name for the device, its serial number, and the time of the test;
  4. Distinguishes alcohol from acetone at the 0.02 alcohol concentration level;
  5. Tests an air blank; and
  6. Performs an external calibration check.

Quick Links to NHTSA Approved EBTs (by Manufacturer):

The following are the only NHTSA approved EBT devices that can be used in the DOT alcohol testing program:

 Approved Evidential Breath Measurement Devices

Manufacturer/Distributor and ModelMobileNon-mobile
AK GlobalTech Corporation, Palisades Park, New Jersey:  
 AlcoMate TS600 (aka: Alcoscan ALP-1 outside the US)XX
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Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp, Toronto, Ontario, Canada:  
 Alert J4XecXX
 SAF’IR Evolution XX
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CMI, Inc, Owensboro, Kentucky:  
 Intoxilyzer Model:  
 200D XX
 240 (aka: Lion Alcolmeter 400+ outside the US)XX
 400PA XX
 500 (aka: Lion Alcolmeter 500 outside the US) XX
 600 (aka: Lion Alcolmeter 600 outside the US) XX
 5000 (w/Cal Vapor Re-Circ) XX
 5000 (w/3/8² ID Hose option) XX
 5000CD  XX
 5000CD/FG5  XX
 5000EN XX
 5000 (CAL DOJ) XX
 5000VA XX
 9000 (serial numbers 90–000500 and above) XX
 S–D2 XX
 S–D5 (aka: Lion Alcolmeter SD–5 outside the US) XX
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Draeger, Inc (aka: Draeger Safety Diagnostics, Inc or National Draeger) Irving, Texas:  
 Alcotest Model:  
 7110 MKIII XX
 7110 MKIII–C  XX
 7410 Plus  XX
 Breathalyzer Model:  
 7410–II XX
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EnviteC, Wismar, Germany, distributed by Honeywell GmbH, Fond du Lac, Wisconsin:  
 AlcoQuant 6020 XX
 AlcoQuant 6020 Plus XX
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Gall’s Inc, Lexington, Kentucky:  
 Alcohol Detection System-ADS 500 XX
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Guth Laboratories, Inc, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania:  
 Alcotector BAC–100 XX
 Alcotector C2H5OH XX
 Guth 38 XX
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Intoximeters, Inc, St Louis, Missouri:  
 Intoximeter Model:  
 Alcomonitor  X
 Alcomonitor CC XX
 Alco-Sensor III XX
 Alco-Sensor III (Enhanced with Serial Numbers above 1,200,000)XX
 Alco-Sensor IVXX
 Alco-Sensor IV XLXX
 Alco-Sensor V XX
 Alco-Sensor V XL XX
 Alco-Sensor AZ XX
 Alco-Sensor FSTXX
 Intox DMT Dual Sensor XX
 Intox EC/IR XX
 Intox EC/IR II (Enhanced with serial number 10,000 or higher) X
 Intox EC/IR IIt XX
 Portable Intox EC/IRXX
 RBT IV with CEM (cell enhancement module)XX
 (Also Listed under National Patent Analytical Systems, Inc) BAC DataMaster (with or without the Delta-1 accessory)XX
 BAC Verifier DataMaster (w/or without the Delta-1 accessory)XX
 DataMaster cdm (w/or without the Delta-1 accessory)XX
 DataMaster DMT w/Fuel Cell optionXX
 DataMaster DMT w/Rev A Fuel Cell option XX
 DataMaster DMT (aka: Intox MT)XX
 Intox DMT (aka: DataMaster DMT)XX
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Lifeloc Technologies, Inc, (formerly Lifeloc, Inc), Wheat Ridge, Colorado:  
 EV 30 (w/or without EASYCAL accessory)XX
 FC 10 (w/or without EASYCAL accessory)XX
 FC10Plus (w/or without EASYCAL accessory)XX
 FC 20 (w/or without EASYCAL accessory)XX
 FC20BT (w/or without EASYCAL accessory) XX
 LifeGuard Pro XX
 Phoenix 60 (w/or without EASYCAL accessory)XX
 Phoenix 60BT (w/or without EASYCAL accessory)XX
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Lion Laboratories, Ltd, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom:  
 Alcolmeter Model:  
 400+ (aka: Intoxilyzer 240 in the US)XX
 500 (aka: Intoxilyzer 500 in the US)XX
 600 (aka: Intoxilyzer 600 in the US)XX
 SD–5 (aka: S–D5 in the US) XX
 Intoxilyzer Model:  
 200D XX
 5000 CD/FG5XX
 5000 ENXX
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Nanopuls AB, Uppsala, Sweden:  
 Evidenzer XX
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National Patent Analytical Systems, Inc (NPAS), Mansfield, Ohio:  
 BAC DataMaster (with or without the Delta-1 accessory)  
 BAC Verifier DataMaster (w/or without the Delta-1 accessory)XX
 DataMaster cdm (w/or without the Delta-1 accessory) XX
 DataMaster DMT (aka: Intox DMT)XX
 DataMaster DMT w/Fuel Cell option SN: 555555XX
 DataMaster DMT w/Rev A Fuel Cell option SN: 100630XX
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PAS International, Fredericksburg, Virginia:  
 Alcovisor JupiterXX
 Alcovisor Mercury XX
 Mark V Alcovisor XX
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Seres, Paris, France:  
 Alco MasterXX
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Sound-Off, Inc, Hudsonville, Michigan:  
 AlcoData XX
 Seres Alco MasterXX
 Seres AlcoproXX
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Tokai-Denshi Inc, Tokyo, Japan:  
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US Alcohol Testing, Inc/Protection Devices, Inc, Rancho Cucamonga, California:  
 Alco-Analyzer 1000  X
 Alco-Analyzer 2000  X
 Alco-Analyzer 2100XX
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Verax Systems, Inc, Fairport, New York:  
 BAC Verifier DatamasterXX
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Updated: Thursday, April 5, 2018
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