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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Appeal Number Result Date Issue Application Type
Clore Equipment LLC Jessica Clore Texas 19-0171 Upheld 3/11/20 DBE
Dorkin, Inc. Stephanie Juniel Virginia 19-0162 Upheld 3/4/20 DBE
FROELICH FREIGHT, LLC Elizabeth Froelich Ohio 20-0035 Upheld 3/3/20 DBE
Gulf South Asphalt, LLC Kelly Mckean Alabama 19-0147 Reversed 1/16/20 Ownership DBE
Hamilton Consulting Solutions Corp Patricia Hamilton Virginia 20-0013 Reversed 1/13/20 DBE
Traffic Control Industries Angela Mcfadden Pennsylvania 19-0165 Upheld 12/31/19 Ownership DBE
Application Innovations, LLC Joy Zakaria , Ryan Zakaria Alabama 20-0004 Upheld 12/31/19 Ownership DBE
Holston Valley Highway Services LLC Kelly Short , Jerry Short Virginia 20-0009 Upheld 12/30/19 DBE
Atlantic Bridge & Engineering, Inc. Victoria Kolenda New York 19-0156 Upheld 12/30/19 Ownership DBE
Ribeiro Construction Co., Inc. Albert Ribeiro Virginia 19-0155 Upheld 12/30/19 Ownership DBE
Horton Steel, LLC Julia Horton Missouri 20-0017 Upheld 12/19/19 DBE
ANDIS, LLC Dori Schweitzer Ohio 19-0146 Upheld 12/19/19 DBE
G & C Equipment Corporation Gene Hale California 19-0100 Upheld 11/12/19 PNW DBE
Superior Skilled Trades, LLC Seth Sandler Georgia 19-0139 Upheld 10/2/19 DBE
Metro Service Group, Inc. Wanda Bergeron Louisiana 19-0098 Remanded 9/20/19 Cooperation DBE
Foundation Mechanics, LLC Jennifer Kelecius Illinois 19-0114 Reversed 9/18/19 DBE
Dulles Geotechnical Materials Tariq Hamid Virginia 19-0075 Reversed 8/20/19 Independence DBE
Azimuth Construction Services Inc Frank Scopetti Arizona 19-0080 Upheld 8/6/19 Independence DBE
Omega 4 Construction, LLC Melissa Riley Texas 19-0044 8/6/19 DBE
Dynamik, Inc Amy Valdes California 19-0091 Upheld 8/6/19 Ownership DBE
Fibre Optic Plus, Inc. Donald Ballsieper Connecticut 19-0057 Upheld 8/6/19 Control DBE
Terral Construction, LLC Kahla Terral Louisiana 19-0097 Upheld 8/5/19 Ownership DBE
JohnKel, LLC Rodney Keller Maryland 19-0112 Upheld 7/31/19 Ownership DBE


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