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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Appeal Number Result Date Issue Application Type
Emby & Co., LLC Emily Price Texas 20-0088 Upheld 9/21/20 Control DBE
Ambar Foods LLC Amy Johnson Arizona 20-0086 Upheld 9/11/20 Ownership DBE
Adrenaline Pump'N Inc. Ty Hawkins Colorado 20-0094 Reversed 9/11/20 Control DBE
Legacy Engineering, P.C. Sara Fila , Bruce Reese Virginia 20-0077 Upheld 8/31/20 Independence DBE
PRITCHETT STEINBECK GROUP, INC. Jocelyn Pritchett North Carolina 20-0092 Reversed 8/31/20 DBE
Multitech Group, Inc. Ora Joiner , Keith Gross Texas 20-0042 Upheld 8/31/20 Control DBE
Global Innovations U.S.A. Janette Hunter District of Columbia 20-0063 Reversed 8/26/20 Cooperation DBE
New Concept Construction LLC John Clark Missouri 20-0067 Upheld 8/26/20 Cooperation DBE
DeLaRosa Techincal Services & Fabrication, Inc. Roselida Delarosa California 20-0098 Remanded 8/25/20 Cooperation DBE
Nash Contracting LLC Naushad Hassan New Jersey 20-0074 Upheld 7/31/20 Ownership DBE
Modern Construction Services Tracy Snowdy North Carolina 20-0078 Upheld 7/31/20 Control DBE
SE Bobcat, Inc. Elizabeth Armstrong Missouri 20-0058 Reversed 7/27/20 DBE
JGE Contracting, Inc. Kelly Rau New York 20-0047 Reversed 7/24/20 Control DBE
RM THomass 11 Trucking, LLC Robert Thomas Missouri 20-0066 Upheld 7/20/20 Social and Economic Disadvantage DBE
BCS Breakaway Construction Services Andrew Schmidit California 20-0070 Upheld 6/17/20 Ownership DBE
BZR Power Division, LLC Sharon Zitlau Idaho 20-0069 Upheld 5/27/20 Control DBE
Alran Books, LLC Alison Weber New Hampshire 20-0065 Upheld 5/26/20 DBE
JKS Industries, LLC Jeffery Knight Missouri 20-0062 Reversed 4/30/20 DBE
EW Corporation Industrial Fabricators Tiberio Esperaza California 20-0053 Remanded 4/13/20 DBE
Subsurface Exploration Consultants, LLC Jamie Naquin Texas 19-0150 Upheld 3/31/20 DBE
SanuVAire, LLC Chad Sleiman New York 20-0029 Upheld 3/30/20 DBE
LA CNC Adrina Avanes California 20-0036 Upheld 3/30/20 DBE
Primate Construction, LP Daretia Cooper Texas 20-0020 3/19/20 DBE


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