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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Appeal Number Result Date Issue Application Type
CE Contracting, Inc Alissa Tucker , Derek Drury , Aaron Drury Missouri 21-0013 Upheld 10/25/21 DBE
L-MOR, Inc. Ohio 21-0004 Upheld 3/22/21 Ownership DBE
Elite Fleet Hauling LLC Brittany White Missouri 21-0034 Upheld 3/11/21 Ownership DBE
Mayorca Enterprises, Inc. Miquel Mayorca Michigan 21-0020 Reversed 3/4/21 Independence DBE
PR Solutions of New Orleans, LLC Bianca Gomez Louisiana 21-0043 Upheld 2/25/21 Ownership DBE
BCG Logistics, LLC David Guillory Louisiana 21-0040 Upheld 2/22/21 Control DBE
D & T Trucking Thelma Kelley South Carolina 21-0036 Remanded 2/9/21 DBE
Acute Remodeling and Construction Ardean Buggs South Carolina 21-0039 Remanded 2/9/21 Ownership DBE
Infiniti Solutions Global LLC Leo Phillips South Carolina 21-0017 Reversed 2/2/21 DBE
Hinman Consulting Engineers, Inc Eve Hinman California 21-0012 Remanded 1/28/21 Cooperation DBE
ULTIMATE SECURITY GROUP, INC. Georgios Margaritis California 21-0007 Upheld 1/8/21 Control DBE
LOCUMS, INC. Michelle Gray Georgia 20-0118 Upheld 12/31/20 Ownership DBE
Strategic Visonary Solutions, LLC Dennis Haag Michigan 21-0003 Upheld 12/22/20 Social and Economic Disadvantage DBE
Wilson Professional Services, PSC Richard A. Wilson Kentucky 21-0011 Upheld 12/18/20 Cooperation DBE
EnTech Engineering, P.C. Soudabeh Bayat New York 20-0116 Upheld 12/14/20 Control DBE
S & S Cable Communications, Inc Pixie Schnieider Texas 20-0100 Remanded 11/5/20 Ownership DBE
California Staffing Technology & Construction Rasha Salman California 20-0101 Upheld 11/2/20 Ownership DBE
EDS Service Solutions, LLC’s Sonya Locke Damewood Georgia 20-0080 Remanded 10/30/20 Ownership DBE
DeVere Weatherization and Construction Services, LLC Maryland 20-0095 Upheld 10/26/20 Control DBE
All Star Power, LLC Anne Joseph Michigan 20-0093 Remanded 10/23/20 Control DBE
Infrastructure Improvement, Inc. Curt Taras California 20-0102 Reversed 10/22/20 Cooperation DBE
Ziegenfuss Drilling, Inc Kelly Ziegenfuss New Jersey 20-0090 Upheld 10/13/20 Independence DBE
Flatrock, LLC Leslie Meyer Ohio 20-0061 Reversed 9/30/20 Cooperation DBE
Trapasso Trucking, LLC Tori Trapasso Colorado 20-0089 Upheld 9/24/20 Control DBE


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