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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Appeal Number Result Date Issue Application Type
ELASTIZELL OF ST LOUIS INC Jane Megown Florida 21-0104 Upheld 8/23/22 DBE
STATE HIGHWAY CLEARING LLC Leslie Weber Ohio 21-0115 Upheld 8/15/22 DBE
Straightline Grading & Excavating, LLC Christine Miklaszewski Wisconsin 21-0063 Upheld 5/16/22 DBE
Double M Trucking, Inc. Sherry Bult Illinois 22-0002 Upheld 5/2/22 DBE
HAWK Contracting, LLC Kristin Heim Arizona 21-0108 Upheld 5/2/22 DBE
MULLINS UTILITY & CONTRACTING, LLC Sherry G. Mullins Georgia 21-0054 Upheld 4/18/22 DBE
Arora Engineers, Inc. Manik Arora District of Columbia 21-0094 Reversed 3/9/22 DBE
Popple, LLC Emilio Aguilera California 21-0018 Upheld 3/4/22 DBE
Total Trucking Inc. Laurie Oklahoma 21-0103 Upheld 3/3/22 DBE
Gridlock Sign and Safety Solutions Rebecca Bucholz , Cory Bucholz California 21-0095 Upheld 2/23/22 DBE
ELECTRONIC DATA INC Manik Arora Florida 21-0102 Upheld 2/23/22 DBE
AMKD Consulting LLC Maha W. K. Darwiche California 21-0112 Upheld 2/22/22 DBE
M3Sixty LLC Kelly Mccarty Florida 21-0086 Reversed 1/27/22 DBE
NBA Engineering, Inc. Natalie Alavi California 21-0028 Upheld 12/17/21 DBE
EJAmerica Ayesha Natekal California 21-0019 12/16/21 DBE
PTS Masonary, Inc. Joshua Estrella , Joel Leineke , Tom Wilbert California 21-0084 Upheld 12/14/21 DBE
MM's Cleaning Services, LLC. Michael Mcfadden California 21-0058 Upheld 12/14/21 DBE
Riveter Electric Kylee Guthrie California 21-0081 Reversed 12/14/21 DBE
Cielo Concessions, LLC Martin Cabrera Jr Massachusetts 21-0045 Upheld 12/3/21 ACDBE
CE Contracting, Inc Alissa Tucker , Derek Drury , Aaron Drury Missouri 21-0013 Upheld 10/25/21 DBE
Woods Commercial Door, Inc. Jamie C. Woods California 21-0085 Upheld 10/25/21 DBE
STEALTH-ISS GROUP INC Dasha Deckwerth Florida 21-0080 Upheld 10/25/21 DBE


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