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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
Dannick Engineering Consultants, Inc. Ceaser Cabral Florida Decertification 12/27/22 DBE
Wynn's Fryer House Deniqeus Wynn Florida Decertification 12/27/22 ACDBE
EAC Errands Unlimited, Inc. Ella Drummer Florida Decertification 12/27/22 DBE
All Phase Contracting, Inc. Maryann Jay North Dakota Decertification 12/23/22 DBE
Avon Modular, LLC Alan Dezayas Florida Decertification 12/22/22 DBE
Authority Landscape Management, LLC Jose Torres Florida Decertification 12/22/22 DBE
Aquatic Landscape & Irrigation Contractor LLC Isaac Edwards Florida Decertification 12/22/22 DBE
Absolute Temperature Controls, LLC Cosmas Allen Florida Decertification 12/22/22 DBE
G5 Tek Solutions, LLC Terri Whitfield Florida Decertification 12/22/22 DBE
Construction Management Of Florida, Inc. Addy Lizama Florida Decertification 12/22/22 DBE
SigmaNet LLC Hassiba Makour Ohio Denial 12/21/22 DBE
RMES Communications, Inc. Herman Malone Massachusetts Decertification 12/21/22 DBE
Black River Pumping Services, LLC Dunrick Yetts Pennsylvania Decertification 12/20/22 DBE
Elite Glass Enterprises, Inc. Francisco Ballesteros California Decertification 12/19/22 DBE
4 Transit, Inc. Enrique Gonzales-prado Alaska Decertification 12/19/22 DBE
Garrison Walker Group, Inc. Barry Baptiste Tennessee Denial 12/19/22 DBE
FORGED CONSTRUCTION INC Aaron Smith Ohio Denial 12/19/22 DBE
EJAmerica Ayesha Natekal California Denial 12/16/22 DBE
TyE Bar, LLC Daniel Lucas , Katey Wood , Missouri Denial 12/16/22 DBE
Sentinel Construction, LLC Stacey Weniger Pennsylvania Denial 12/16/22 DBE
Globenet Telecommunications Inc. David Middleton New York Decertification 12/16/22 DBE
CM Transport of Shell Lake, LLC Brenda Cook-monson Iowa Decertification 12/16/22 DBE
MPS Engineers, P.C. Umesh Shetye Iowa Decertification 12/16/22 DBE


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