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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
DCND TRANSPORTATION INC Nicholas Edwards California Decertification 12/1/22 DBE
DCD Electric Inc Michael Dehorney California Decertification 12/1/22 DBE
Dany Schimpf Productions LLC Daniel Schimpf California Decertification 12/1/22 DBE
Damon Hill Land Surveying Services Inc Damon Anthony Hill California Decertification 12/1/22 DBE
CHAFIRA'S TRUCKING Nestor Castellanos California Decertification 12/1/22 DBE
ATSER, LP David Martinez California Decertification 12/1/22 DBE
Access CFOs Inc Rachael Schreier California Decertification 12/1/22 DBE
SH Alaska, LLC Suelynn Hight Alaska Decertification 11/30/22 DBE
Ojo Technology, Inc. Angela Wong California Decertification 11/30/22 DBE
Bulk Fest Inc Norma Maloney Virginia Decertification 11/30/22 ACDBE
Atlas Supply and Services LLC Timothy Fobbs , Bonnie Fobbs Virginia Decertification 11/30/22 DBE
Geo-Advantec, Inc. Shagha Ariannia California Denial 11/29/22 DBE
Addison-Miller Inc. Cara Dimasi California Denial 11/29/22 DBE
Quest Benefits, Inc. Sami Satouri Virginia Decertification 11/28/22 DBE
NorthPoint Consulting Group, Inc. Annjanette Dood , Praj White California Denial 11/28/22 DBE
Maryland Strategic Resources, LLC Christian Gibbs Virginia Decertification 11/19/22 DBE
Integrus Corporation Derek White Virginia Decertification 11/19/22 DBE
Holder, Inc. Deighton Holder Virginia Decertification 11/19/22 DBE
Hudson Valley Engineering Associates, P.C. Mia Nadasky , John Balison , Brendan Fitzgerald Virginia Decertification 11/19/22 DBE
ATLANTIC PAVING & SEALING, INC. Ralph Salvador Virginia Decertification 11/19/22 DBE
Layna B Enterprise, LLC Shellana Barrier Virginia Decertification 11/19/22 DBE


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