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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
Costa Consulting Engineers, Inc. George L. Costa Massachusetts Decertification 12/12/22 DBE
Civic Mapper, LLC Emily Mercurio Pennsylvania Decertification 12/12/22 DBE
CIA Media Group LLC Montina Young Portis Georgia Decertification 12/12/22 DBE
Care technology, LLC Belinda Wong Rhode Island Decertification 12/12/22 DBE
Bursal Consulting & Management, LLC Zeynep Bursal Massachusetts Decertification 12/12/22 DBE
Briggs Family Enterprises, LLC Joeseph Briggs Georgia Decertification 12/12/22 ACDBE
BrianAnsari and Associates, Inc Brian Ansari New Jersey Decertification 12/12/22 DBE
7TH Echelon, LLC Edgartt James Melton Texas Decertification 12/12/22 DBE
Unic Pro, Inc. Lilian Radke Massachusetts Decertification 12/12/22 DBE
NexLyte, Inc. Nathan Niles Pennsylvania Decertification 12/12/22 DBE
Horiuchi Solien, Inc. Kris Horiuchi Massachusetts Decertification 12/12/22 DBE
Innovative Safety Services, Inc. Mary Mcgeoghegan Massachusetts Decertification 12/12/22 DBE
Pinnacle Electric, Inc. Kathleen Chambers Illinois Decertification 12/12/22 DBE
DLH Trucking, LLC Deanna Hines Missouri Decertification 12/9/22 DBE
eHunus, Inc. Andrew Choi , Virginia Denial 12/9/22 DBE
ESP Enterprises Inc Steve Phelan Missouri Decertification 12/8/22 DBE
JB Move Solutions LLC Julie Wilson Missouri Decertification 12/8/22 DBE
LEGACY CONSTRUCTION + CONSULTING, LLC Marvin B. Laster Georgia Denial 12/8/22 DBE
AC Disaster Consulting VA, LLC Alyssa Carrier Virginia Denial 12/8/22 DBE
KWS, Inc. Kathrine Schubert Tennessee Denial 12/7/22 DBE
United Region Transit Services, LLC Cynthia Scott Kentucky Decertification 12/7/22 DBE
The Decor Group of Northern KY, Inc. Karralea Stickrod-list Kentucky Decertification 12/7/22 ACDBE
E'Little Communications Group, LLC Johnny Little Kentucky Decertification 12/7/22 DBE
Fly Baby, LLC Dominique Olowolafe Pennsylvania Decertification 12/6/22 DBE


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