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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
B&B Diversified Materials Bev Christensen , Missouri Denial 7/26/21 DBE
Allen Prestwood Concrete Construction, Inc. Mansa Prestwood Missouri Denial 7/22/21 DBE
The Ariel Business Group, Inc. Thomas Huggins Kentucky Decertification 7/21/21 DBE
Montgomery Trucking of Indiana Karen Montgomery Kentucky Decertification 7/21/21 DBE
BT II, Inc. Blanton Canady Kentucky Decertification 7/21/21 ACDBE
The Centric Group, LLC Cliff Wilson Kentucky Denial 7/21/21 DBE
Interstate Fuel Logistics, LLC Harsimran Sobti Kentucky Denial 7/21/21 DBE
Bering Shai rock & Gravel LLC Bill Shaishnikoff , Diane Shaishnikoff Alaska Decertification 7/20/21 DBE
The Str8s, LLC Samuel Donald Michigan Decertification 7/19/21 ACDBE
Jones Family Supplies Jonnie Jones Missouri Denial 7/15/21 DBE
TANDEM CONTRACTING, LLC Woody Fields Georgia Decertification 7/14/21 DBE
Sandy Ward-Williamson LLC Sandy Williamson Ohio Denial 7/14/21 DBE
TIMELY ENGINEERINGSOIL TESTS, LLC Lev M. Buchko Georgia Decertification 7/13/21 DBE
The Aviation Planning Group, LLC Leah Whitfield Missouri Denial 7/12/21 DBE
Zahner Trucking, LLC Ashley Zahner Missouri Denial 7/10/21 DBE
Texas Welding In General, LLC Fermin Jimenez-castiloo Texas Proposed Decertification 7/8/21 DBE
Leslie Saunders Insurance Agency, Inc Leslie Saunders New Hampshire Decertification 7/7/21 DBE
AUXANO ENVIRONMENTAL, LLC Nichole Lashley Ohio Decertification 7/7/21 DBE
Little Susitna Construction Company Inc Dominic Lee Alaska Decertification 7/7/21 DBE
M.J.C. Demolition, Inc. Michael Childress Illinois Decertification 7/7/21 DBE
Urban Infraconstruction, LLC Anup Tamrakar Oklahoma Decertification 7/6/21 DBE
Coast to Coast Hospitality, LLC Dexter Pearson Oklahoma Decertification 7/6/21 ACDBE
L and M Logistics, LLC Darren Baker Oklahoma Decertification 7/6/21 DBE


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