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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
Cal Land Care Service, Inc Aleksandra Jovanic California Denial 7/31/12 DBE
DeLorenzo International Maria Delorenzo , Michelle Landis , Christopher Delorenzo California Denial 7/31/12 DBE
J P and Concepts Co. Joann Forance Colorado Denial 7/31/12 DBE
Ridge Point Consultants, LLC Myra D. Herring , Dixie H. Clay , Howard Brett Herring, Jr. , Howard B. Herring Mississippi Denial 7/31/12 DBE
Colorado Land Surveying Ramiz Bisic , Colorado Denial 7/31/12 DBE
Geotrack, Inc. Jonathan Tan Virginia Decertification 7/30/12 DBE
FATHER & SON BROKERAGE LLC Harold Hall , South Carolina Decertification 7/30/12 DBE
Refrigeration Supply Company, Inc. Pinak Mehta Decertification 7/30/12 DBE
Urban Marketing Concepts James Mckinney Decertification 7/30/12 DBE
Pessoa Construction Company Julio Pessoa Decertification 7/30/12 DBE
PROJECT DELIVERY GROUP, LLC Barbara Whisenhunt , Keith Whisenhunt Oregon Decertification 7/27/12 DBE
A-Squared Consulting Christel Allen Tennessee Decertification 7/26/12 DBE
Mars Construction Services, LLC Marcela Lewis , Texas Denial 7/26/12 DBE
RCA Contractors Corporation Joel R Martinez , Ivonne C Martinez Tennessee Decertification 7/26/12 DBE


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