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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
HMS Enterprises, Inc Brian Hall , Maryland Decertification 8/6/12 DBE
Atlantic Real Estate Solutions Francis Omorodion , Maryland Decertification 8/6/12 DBE
Aztec WFR, Inc. Joe Escamilla , Maryland Decertification 8/6/12 DBE
Expinfo, Inc. Tiya Bhattacharya Maryland Decertification 8/6/12 DBE
Lansite, LLC Peter Thompson Maryland Decertification 8/6/12 DBE
Global Recruiters of Nashville Willa Martin Bailey/edward Bailey Tennessee Decertification 8/3/12 DBE
Mine Your Own Business LLC Angela F. Budano Florida Decertification 8/3/12 DBE
A Touch of Paradise Inc. Tina Mauzy Florida Decertification 8/3/12 DBE
Star Construction and development, LLC Monica Star Florida Decertification 8/3/12 DBE
Las Fuentes Trucking, Inc. Gloria M Anez Florida Decertification 8/3/12 DBE
Professional Conveyor South, LLC Trammy Wieland Texas Proposed Decertification 8/2/12 DBE
Avis Construction Services, Inc. Chukwu Okike , Anyaga Johnson , California Decertification 8/1/12 DBE
NWK Construction Nickie W. Kendrick Tennessee Decertification 8/1/12 DBE
InterBase Corporation Tejas Modi California Decertification 8/1/12 DBE
Cheryl Downey, Media Consultant Cheryl Downey , California Decertification 8/1/12 DBE
Marketing & Communications Sybil Macdonald , California Decertification 8/1/12 DBE
Oscar's Printing, Inc. Olga Macias , California Decertification 8/1/12 DBE


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