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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
McDuffy & Associates, LTD Madeline Mcduffy , Crystal Mcduffy , Jesse Mcduffy Maryland Decertification 8/24/12 DBE
MacArthur & Baker International, Inc. Corland Forrester , John Kamya , Roger Tchoufa Maryland Decertification 8/24/12 DBE
D & D Trucking Ana Pena , Tennessee Decertification 8/23/12 DBE
BDT Development and Management, LLC Leroy Thompson Tennessee Decertification 8/23/12 DBE
Archer, LLC Angela Rothen , Wisconsin Decertification 8/23/12 ACDBE
Potomac Rubber Company, Inc. Sharon K. Ogle Decertification 8/23/12 DBE
SOUTHERN TRANSPORT AND EQUIPMENT INC Hiram Mendiondo Florida Decertification 8/23/12 DBE
Industrial Grounds Maintenance, Inc Amanda K. Hayslett , Steven M. Hawkins Denial 8/22/12 DBE
Eaton Construction Company, Inc Deborah A. Manson , Ohio Denial 8/22/12 DBE
Environmental & Demolition Services, Inc. Alonso Bernate Virginia Decertification 8/21/12 DBE
Dixie Construction Company, Inc. Diane Dixon Decertification 8/21/12 DBE
J & T's Satellite Communications Johnny Murray Decertification 8/21/12 DBE
CKL Architects, Inc. I-kuang Liang Decertification 8/21/12 DBE


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