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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
The Office Furniture Source Linda Kay Reichardt , Texas Decertification 8/29/12 DBE
The Jacobs International Group Inc. Andre Jacobs , Texas Decertification 8/29/12 DBE
The Gil Ramirez Group, LLC Gilbert Ramirez, Jr , Texas Decertification 8/29/12 DBE
Sheba Tech Consulting, LLC Teshome Seyoum , Texas Decertification 8/29/12 DBE
Pioneer Security Services Mojeed Martin Texas Decertification 8/29/12 DBE
DCM, Inc Michael Hodges , Virginia Decertification 8/29/12 DBE
J & H Excavating, Inc. Marcia Hickman , John Hickman Tennessee Denial 8/28/12 DBE
Lady Chefs, LLC Mary Pappas , Texas Denial 8/28/12 ACDBE
First Light Resources, LLC Dawn Hickey Tennessee Decertification 8/27/12 DBE
C.P.F. Corporation C. Norman Soles Decertification 8/27/12 DBE
A/E Group E. Guy Stanton Decertification 8/27/12 DBE
MacArthur and Baker International, Inc. John Kamya , Maryland Decertification 8/24/12 DBE
Southeastern Bridge Painting, LLC Yolanda Liggett , Tennessee Denial 8/24/12 DBE
McDuffy & Associates, LTD Madeline Mcduffy , Crystal Mcduffy , Jesse Mcduffy Virginia Decertification 8/24/12 DBE


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