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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
D Wilson Consulting Group Dierdre D Kyle , Decertification 9/28/12 DBE
Retaining Walls of Tennessee, Inc. Sheila Futch , Tennessee Denial 9/27/12 DBE
MACIEL TRANSPORTATION Jimmy Louis Maciel , Texas Decertification 9/27/12 DBE
3rd HAULERS Lorenzo Martinez Iii , Texas Decertification 9/27/12 DBE
GOSS CONSTRUCTION Daniel Goss , Texas Decertification 9/27/12 DBE
A Dennis Construction Ainsworth L. Dennis , New York Decertification 9/27/12 DBE
PRIME CRETE ENTERPRISES, INC. Ramon Chavez , Texas Decertification 9/27/12 DBE
RICARDO AGUERO, LLC Ricardo Aguero Texas Decertification 9/27/12 DBE
Retaining Walls of TN, Inc. Sheila Futch Tennessee Denial 9/27/12 DBE
Development & Environmental Planning Associates Tina Burgess , Tennessee Denial 9/26/12 DBE
LANGERMAN FOSTER ENGINEERING COMPANY, LLC Ottis Foster , Scott Langerman Texas Denial 9/26/12 DBE
West Coast General Contractors Roger Wills , Washington Decertification 9/26/12 DBE
Sterner Construction, LLC Karla Sterner , Rick Sterner Oklahoma Denial 9/25/12 DBE


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