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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
Infrastructure Engineers, Inc. Linda Portka , Frank Hickson , David R. Reser , Gregory Peschong , Jeffrey Rowe , Kerri Ingham , Christopher Howard Connecticut Denial 10/11/12 DBE
Berkeley Information Technology, Inc. Raymond H. Chong , California Decertification 10/11/12 DBE
B2C Reginald White Virginia Decertification 10/11/12 DBE
Midas Shoe Care Products & Services Darrin Hawkins , Virginia Decertification 10/11/12 DBE
Environmental, Construction & Safety Services, Inc. Madelynn Kirkpatrick New Mexico Decertification 10/11/12 DBE
Aztec Material Service Corporation Wisconsin Decertification 10/10/12 DBE
Choices of Long Beach, Inc. Sean Zullo , California Decertification 10/10/12 DBE
Fahlgreen Biometric Solutions LLC Susanne Kufahl , Wisconsin Decertification 10/10/12 DBE
W.C. Goolsby, Inc. Patty Goolsby , Virginia Decertification 10/10/12 DBE
Atlas Industrial Supply, Inc. Gustavo Garza , Texas Decertification 10/9/12 DBE
K.T.D. Hot Shot Wanda Jean Robinson , Texas Decertification 10/9/12 DBE
The Astro Company Reba Cook , Texas Decertification 10/9/12 DBE
LandEscape Designs, Inc. Kathryn Vosburg , Texas Decertification 10/9/12 DBE
Working Partner Jessica Wales Pugil , Texas Decertification 10/9/12 DBE


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