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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
GCS, Inc., The Federal Leadership Institute Laura Granato Florida Decertification 1/3/23 DBE
Felix Service Center Marq Green Florida Decertification 1/3/23 ACDBE
Cely Consulting, Inc. Jeff Cely Florida Decertification 1/3/23 ACDBE
Essential Rating, LLC Demensio Barton Florida Decertification 1/3/23 DBE
Reign Flagging Services LLC Floyd Edwards Pennsylvania Decertification 12/30/22 DBE
Steel City Cleaning Solutions LLC Sontaya Perry Pennsylvania Decertification 12/30/22 DBE
Griffin Commons Consulting Co James Griffin Pennsylvania Decertification 12/30/22 DBE
Pittsburghs Finest Auto Body William Anderson Pennsylvania Decertification 12/30/22 DBE
Geographical Data Management Service, LLC David Jacobs, Jr. Pennsylvania Decertification 12/30/22 DBE
Unity 4 Construction Co. Kevin Tabb Pennsylvania Decertification 12/30/22 DBE
Virtual Sails Corrine Olsen Pennsylvania Decertification 12/30/22 DBE
PSD Contracting Services, LLC Shanay Diggs Pennsylvania Decertification 12/30/22 DBE
LR, INC Reuben Peppers Georgia Decertification 12/29/22 DBE
Kangaroo Birthing & Maternity Concierge LLC Syreeta Gordon Pennsylvania Decertification 12/29/22 DBE
ASIL REMODELING COMPANY Lisa Johnson Georgia Decertification 12/29/22 DBE
NORTH FLORIDA PROPERTY PRESERVATION, LLC Keshia Fisher Georgia Decertification 12/29/22 DBE
SERVITIX PEST CONTROL Rajesh Patel Georgia Decertification 12/29/22 DBE
ALZAN SERVICES, LLC Zandra Jones Georgia Decertification 12/29/22 DBE
POWER ALLIANCE, LLC Derrick Hall Georgia Decertification 12/29/22 DBE
CODE BLACK PROPERTIES, LLC Derek Caffe Georgia Decertification 12/29/22 DBE
ACHC Real Estate Holdings LLC Blythe Smith Pennsylvania Decertification 12/29/22 DBE
MSE CONSTRUCTION AND MATERIALS, LLC Joseph Rodriguez Georgia Decertification 12/29/22 DBE
NOVA MATERIALS INC Sue D. Smith Georgia Decertification 12/29/22 DBE
Royalty Home Care Services LLC Chanelle Florence Pennsylvania Decertification 12/29/22 DBE
Raymond Graham Raymond Graham Pennsylvania Decertification 12/29/22 DBE


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