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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
Ernest R. Garza and Company, P.C. Ernest Garza Texas Decertification 1/24/23 DBE
MAC Hauling, LLC Marcia Clark Missouri Denial 1/24/23 DBE
D & W Tires Direct, LLC Tina White Pennsylvania Decertification 1/23/23 ACDBE
360 Management, LLC Karianne Fischbach Pennsylvania Decertification 1/23/23 DBE
I Dream a World, LLC Deidra Washington Pennsylvania Denial 1/23/23 DBE
Pryor Traffic Control, LLC Chai Pryor Pennsylvania Decertification 1/23/23 DBE
Fuel Facility Management Inc. Janet Hoose Massachusetts Decertification 1/23/23 ACDBE
Innovative Retail Group, LLC Huy Pham Massachusetts Decertification 1/23/23 ACDBE
Schmitt Strategies, LLC Barbara Schmitt North Dakota Decertification 1/23/23 DBE
Bekan International Supplier LLC Kwame Agyemang-duah North Dakota Decertification 1/23/23 DBE
April E. Poitra-Walker April Walker North Dakota Decertification 1/23/23 DBE
Allied Support Service Group, Inc. Troy Owens North Dakota Decertification 1/23/23 ACDBE
Allied Support Service Group Inc. Troy Owens North Dakota Decertification 1/23/23 DBE
Utility Imaging Inc. Allyson Alexander Legg Pennsylvania Decertification 1/20/23 DBE
BGE Consulting & Associates, LLC Brenda Murphy Pennsylvania Decertification 1/12/23 DBE
Cecilia Renovations, LLC Mechie Nkengla Illinois Decertification 1/12/23 DBE
Sign Design, Inc. Whitney L. Ferrigno New Hampshire Decertification 1/11/23 DBE
Reign Flagging Services LLC Floyd Edwards Ohio Decertification 1/11/23 DBE
Specco Environmental, Inc. Justino Ferrer Florida Decertification 1/10/23 DBE
Park Companies Inc. Michele Brown , Katlin Park Ohio Denial 1/10/23 DBE
VEI Solutions, Inc. Frank Ventura Ohio Decertification 1/10/23 DBE
Trons Auto Repair and Towing Antron Cotman Florida Decertification 1/9/23 DBE
WEATHERS ENGINEERING SERVICES, INC. Naomi Weathers Florida Decertification 1/9/23 DBE
Yes Mam!, LLC Maureen Mcalinden Florida Decertification 1/9/23 ACDBE


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