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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
CR&A Custom Apparel, Inc. Carmen Rad California Decertification 7/6/21 DBE
Steelike, Inc. Chen Wang , William Kulish Virginia Denial 7/2/21 DBE
Ruz Consulting Engineering Services, Inc Luis Ruz California Decertification 7/1/21 DBE
Transportation Management & Design, Inc (TMD,Inc) China Langer , Melody Kitchens , Melissa Sather , Russell Chisholm Michigan Denial 6/30/21 DBE
The Diamond Firm Candice Taylor Michigan Decertification 6/30/21 DBE
PSA Constructors, Inc Patrick Aliu Michigan Decertification 6/30/21 DBE
Milhouse Engineering & Construction, Inc. Wilbur Milhouse Iii Michigan Decertification 6/30/21 DBE
JMS Engineering Services< LLC Juan Snead Michigan Decertification 6/30/21 DBE
MSL Mechanical Contractors Tony Lopez Michigan Decertification 6/30/21 DBE
Hays Mechanical, LLC Shaina-marie Hays New Jersey Denial 6/25/21 DBE
Joy Construction Leasing Laverne Williams Michigan Decertification 6/25/21 DBE
Z Venture Capital Frontiers, Inc Karim Zaman Michigan Decertification 6/25/21 ACDBE
Washinton Towing Claudette Washington Michigan Decertification 6/25/21 DBE
Walker's Heating, Cooling and Appliance Repair Clyde Walker Michigan Decertification 6/25/21 DBE
VJM Design and Build Corporation Virgil Manly Michigan Decertification 6/25/21 DBE
Valley Illuminators Polly Valley Michigan Decertification 6/25/21 DBE
Terry's Enchanted Garden Mable Terry Michigan Decertification 6/25/21 ACDBE
The Soup Dive, LLC Pamela Mathews Michigan Decertification 6/25/21 ACDBE
Transportation Logistics Systems, Inc Melody Warren Michigan Decertification 6/25/21 DBE
Rai Concrete, Inc. Carmela Raimondi Illinois Decertification 6/23/21 DBE
STATE HIGHWAY CLEARING LLC Leslie Weber Ohio Denial 6/23/21 DBE


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