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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
KINGLY HANDWASH & WAX LLC Julius T. Oliver Ohio Decertification 7/3/18 DBE
Transportation Consulting Services Claudia Hirschey Washington Decertification 10/30/20 DBE
Hidano Construction, Inc. Steven Hidano Hawaii Decertification 9/17/20 DBE
GRIFFITH CONTRACTING LLC Holly Beth Griffith Kentucky Denial 9/16/20 DBE
RIGHT WAY SAFETY EQUIPMENT, LLC Maureen Georgevich Ohio Decertification 9/15/20 DBE
Midwest Building Supplies, Inc. Mr. Elmer H. Dixon, Jr. , Ohio Decertification 9/15/20 DBE
Birdi, Inc. Moninder Birdi Ohio Decertification 9/15/20 DBE
The Carvir Group, Inc. Virgil Fludd Ohio Decertification 9/15/20 DBE
HOLLYWOOD CLEANING SERVICE LLC Lisa Timley Ohio Decertification 9/15/20 DBE
GREEN MILE GROUP LTD Kim Miles Ohio Decertification 9/15/20 DBE
SPYDER TECHNOLOGIES LLC Robert Luft Oregon Decertification 9/15/20 DBE
NEAL TRANSIT INTERNATIONAL Lawrence Neal Ohio Decertification 9/15/20 DBE
Fortress Systems International, Inc. Zhong Su , Ohio Decertification 9/15/20 DBE
Growth Development Marketing, Inc. Greg Gates Virginia Decertification 9/11/20 DBE
Blessed Hands Home Health Care LLC Katrina Wilson Virginia Decertification 9/9/20 DBE
Hooper Trucking Company Inc Mary Hooper , Stacey Landon Virginia Decertification 9/9/20 DBE
COUNCELL COMPUTER PRODUCTS, INC Annie Marie Howell Virginia Decertification 9/9/20 DBE
PINNACLE CONSULTING MANAGEMENT GROUP, INC Lisa R Harrison , Alex Souder , Jennifer Harrison Oklahoma Decertification 9/8/20 DBE
E & K Retail, Inc. , Elliott Threatt Oklahoma Decertification 9/8/20 ACDBE


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