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Company Name Company Owner(s) State Decision Decision Date Application Type
RSO Architecture LLC Sean Huang Washington Denial 12/8/21 DBE
MERITUS EARTHWORKS LLC Janell Howarth Washington Denial 12/7/21 DBE
SGSS LLC. Khushbu Komal Washington Denial 11/13/21 DBE
S. P. Productions, Inc. Hymes Perkins Kentucky Decertification 10/21/21 ACDBE
Skips Defense Solutions, LLC Keoliver "skip" Ryon Mccall Kentucky Decertification 10/20/21 DBE
Construction Resources Int'l-llc Deanna K. Jones Idaho Decertification 10/20/21 DBE
Forever Heather Heather Brunckhorst Idaho Decertification 10/20/21 ACDBE
Roadway Material Supply LLC Sherry Love Idaho Decertification 10/20/21 DBE
Stevens, Inc. Jennifer Stevens Idaho Decertification 10/20/21 DBE
Preservation Solutions Kerry Davis Idaho Decertification 10/20/21 DBE
Amerigo, Inc. Cheri Hall Idaho Decertification 10/20/21 DBE
Schneider Laboratories Global, Inc. Najwa Abouzaki Virginia Decertification 10/15/21 DBE
Hawk Health & Safety, LLC Ronald Spoerl Virginia Denial 10/15/21 DBE
Joseph M. Moore Joseph Moore New York Decertification 10/15/21 DBE
Byrd Retail Group, LLC Judith Byrd Oregon Decertification 10/12/21 ACDBE
PDX Touch Up, LLC Bonita Wilcox Oregon Denial 10/12/21 DBE
Randall Creek Equipment and Service Company Carrie Pellet , Carly Strasshoffer , Nathan Donaldson Oregon Denial 10/12/21 DBE
Popacap, LLC Karl Hugo Oregon Denial 10/12/21 DBE
Carpenters High Desert Fencing, LLC Kelli Carpenter , Douglas Carpenter Oregon Denial 10/12/21 DBE
L & B UNIVERSAL INC Moung Soo Lee Virginia Denial 10/7/21 DBE
The Lendstar Group LC Linda Alexander Missouri Decertification 10/7/21 DBE
Risk Management and Information Systems, Inc. Celeste Watts Missouri Decertification 10/7/21 DBE


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